NASA Highlights DSI Support of SLS


SLS Cover Page

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (June 14, 2016)-

Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc. (DSI) was recently honored to be selected by NASA as one of the small businesses to be highlighted in the NASA publication, “Space Launch System: A Case for Small Business (NP-2016-03-2141-HQ), Pgs. 42 and 43.”

Attached is a copy of the 2 page profile. DSI is proud to support NASA and our nation’s space program.

NASA: Tell us about your company’s history and its capabilities.

DSI: We are a premier engineering support company dedicated to engineering, science, analysis, research, and education. The company is a Service-Disabled Veteran–Owned Small Business that focuses on the technical support of complex customer requirements in the areas of safety, environmental, engineering, strategic planning, program management, and medical/public health. Since 2007, DSI has provided technical support to NASA in numerous engineering capacities such as safety, propulsion, stress, thermal, design, mechanical, hardware, and guidance and navigation. At the Kennedy Space center (KSC), DSI performs safety engineering and analysis, reliability, systems safety, and operations safety support through the S-MASS II contract. At Marshall Space Flight center (MSFC), DSI has three technical support contracts. In 2009, DSI received a MSFC Small Business Subcontractor Excellence Award, presented for the company’s exemplary support to NASA.

NASA: How many employees does your company have?

DSI: DSI has 40 employees.

NASA: How long have you supported the SLS Program?

DSI: DSI has supported the SLS Program since its inception and is proud to have provided past engineering support to NASA’s Constellation Program as well.

NASA: Describe what services or support you provided to the SLS Program.

DSI: We support the NASA MSFC Space Launch System Program Office on the launch vehicle stage adapter (LVSA) contract. The LVSA is part of the evolvable SLS configuration. DSI also supports the Spacecraft and Payload Integration and Evolution (SPIE) Office, which is an integral part of the Space Launch System, and is responsible for the management, planning and integration of spacecraft, including the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) and pay-loads in support of the SLS vehicle. The DSI Team provided extensive Stress Engineering and Finite Element Analysis support, completed the Safety Plan in accordance with SLS- RQMT-015 and Program Hazard Analysis Requirements, completed the LVSA Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Plan in multiple volumes, provided the Reliability and Maintainability Plan, as well as, the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and Critical Items List Plans.

NASA: How has your business evolved or grown supporting the SLS Program?

DSI: Many of our capabilities in Stress Engineering and Finite Element Analysis and Reliability and Maintainability Engineering have become more robust due to the critical nature of the SLS project and its complexities. Joining the SLS team enabled DSI to continue supporting the NASA’s historic and scientific missions and contributing to the United States’s prominence in space.

NASA: Describe future endeavors for your small business with NASA and/or the Federal Government.

DSI: NASA is a unique and exciting customer to support—the Agency’s aeronautic, space, scientific, and exploratory mission pushes the envelope and continues to be a source of national identity and global recognition. DSI endeavors to increase support to NASA in technical engineering across a greater number of Centers. The company also wants to engage in an increased number of NASA projects, through subcontracting to outstanding primes and, where a business case supports, by pursing prime engineering support opportunities.

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