What Our Customers Are Saying


“I have not in my 27+ years worked with anyone equal or better than you and your DSI employees. Thank you.” 

“On a rating of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), I would rate (DSI) at a 9 or 10 for technical ability, meeting schedule requirements, and overall job performance.”

“[DSI]. . . you . . . hit a homerun at the CBRNIAC ESC meeting yesterday.”

“Exceptional performance during the Assured Response 04…performance reflects the highest standards of excellence.”

DSI “is a valued asset to the entire RCS team.” DSI “. . . quickly adapted to each new task and did so with a positive attitude. . . . inputs are well thought-out, organized, and respected.”

“Two thumbs up!”



“[DSI] takes pride in each project and continued to “deliver quality work”

“[DSI] is a team player . . . willing to do what it takes to get the job done.”

“I wanted to pass along this appreciation of [DSI’s] effort. [DSI] is providing excellent support and is someone we can easily put on a task where [DSI] interacts with our customers. [DSI] consistently comes through for us and we are very appreciative of [DSI’s] efforts.”

“[DSI] gets the mission done!”

“We have many subcontractors, and they all have to work with our three divisions – technical, contracting and accounting. DSI is the only subcontractor that is loved by all three divisions.  Most of our subcontractors are only cherished by 1-2 divisions, but not all three. I’m convinced DSI is one of the most enjoyable subcontractors that we have ever worked with.”


“[DSI] often proposes new and innovative ways to solve analysis solutions.”

DSI is working an initiative that if accepted “will probably save the USG millions of dollars and help shape our future.”

 “We appreciate the innovative mindset that you all demonstrated and the focus on the Warfighter.” 



“DSI is a valuable resource . . . thrilled to have [DSI] on my team.”

“[DSI] . . . well-deserved reputation for . . . Link interoperability and JICO expertise throughout the missile defense community.”

Three star level: “I’m a lot smarter on this than I was 45 minutes ago. Thank you as this has been a big help to prepare me for my meeting with MDA.”