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Mission & Goals


Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc. is dedicated to the highest ethical standards to provide superior quality research, analysis, solutions, and education to enhance our national security and space program.


  • Provide engineering and information technology services that help the U.S. maintain the lead in all aerospace sectors.
  • Provide solutions to prepare our nation and allies to successfully defeat terrorism or adversaries.
  • Provide strategic level consulting and educational services for the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, and NASA.


We focus on helping our clients find solutions to their chal­lenges. We understand our clients face increasing com­plexities from new technologies, asymmetric threats, changing international policies, as well as emerging diseases. Striving for complete customer satisfaction, we are able to quickly ascertain the causes behind the effects and focus our efforts accordingly. Our large network of experts allows us to rapidly revector, finding expertise to solve complex challenges.