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Note from the President

Welcome to Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc. (DSI)! We are a young and growing company dedicated to helping the United States lead the world in space exploration, defend our nation from its adversaries, and prepare for national emergencies. These three commitments are integrally related and allow America to have a continued positive impact on mankind in the U.S. and abroad. DSI was founded in August 2006, dedicated to the support of our country and its warfighters. DSI is on an exciting journey to provide the highest quality engineering and scientific support to the aerospace industry, our national defense, and our homeland security.

Three abiding core values are the driving force for all that we do for our country, our customers, and fellow DSI employees. DSI’s core values are Integrity, Quality Service, and Striving for a Better America.

Through Integrity, our customers come to know whatever we say can be taken as fact. Through integrity, employees can trust each other and work as a team to succeed. As a military commander, I learned the importance of taking care of people. People are not just a resource; they are individuals. Integrity demands that I commit to keep DSI employee’s welfare in mind in all endeavors. As a result, DSI will always strive to offer some of the best employee benefits in the industry.

Our company is also focused on growth through Quality Service. DSI strives to provide a higher quality service than our customers expect; therefore ensuring tax dollars are being used in the most effective manner for our country. DSI will grow in size as we increase our value to our customers which will allow us to continue offering superior benefits and opportunities to all employees.

DSI is Striving for a Better America by enhancing our nation’s effectiveness in the three mission areas: space, defense, and emergency preparedness. All of us need meaning in life that surpasses a daily job; we need to know we are contributing to something larger than ourselves. DSI’s tasks focus on the goal of improving the United States’ posture in these three areas at home and abroad. DSI employees are part of the team that is Striving for a Better America. The three core values of DSI drive our employees to truly make a difference in our nation. It is with great excitement that we welcome you to learn more about our new and growing company. When you decide our capabilities meet your needs, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with our high quality and customer oriented approach.

J. Andrew Davis
DSI President