General Engineer V (Working Leader)


Must possess a Master’s Degree in engineering specialization or related discipline and twenty years applicable experience; or a Doctorate Degree in engineering specialization or related discipline and fifteen years applicable experience.  Experience in DoD integrated test philosophy, test regulations, and coordinated test and evaluation programs are required.  Must be familiar with DoD drawings, specifications practices, formats and procedures.  Must have five years’ experience leading/supervising.

Must Hold Secret or Higher Clearance

Job Description:

May serve as a working leader responsible for leading and providing technical advice and direction to lower graded personnel.  Duties may include, but are not limited to, monitoring work; ensuring product quality, accuracy, and timeliness; consolidating reports for COR regarding status updates and billing; and reviewing collected data for completeness, accuracy, and validity.  Coordinates with others to assure all safety, security, environmental, and community concerns are adequately addressed.   Independently evaluates, selects, adapts, and modifies standard techniques and criteria in order to plan and conduct engineering assignment.  Performs project work through extensive knowledge of engineering practices and policies to devise new approaches to resolve problems.  Operates with general instructions in an independent mode and receives guidance on special problems or when requested.  Duties and responsibilities include: independently plans, schedules, conducts or coordinates detailed phases of engineering work through the selection and adaptation or modification of techniques, procedures, and criteria; analyzes complex features of the work and applies principles and practices of the discipline, or devises new approaches in problem solutions; thoroughly reviews all results from assigned tasks and determine if outputs are complete, correct, integrated with project objectives, and adequately documented; and independently prepares (or directs others in the preparation of), computation/analyses, specifications, and technical reports in the specific area of technical expertise; selects and applies engineering techniques and procedures to analyze and evaluate specific problems, data, or other features of the work which are broad in scope and complexity; and reviews and evaluates the quantity, quality, and overall adequacy of results and conclusions drawn from accomplishment of engineering tasks.  Plans, designs, coordinates, executes, monitors, evaluates and reports test and evaluation of materiel, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and requiring substantial deviation from established test procedures and/or development of new test capability or instrumentation systems.  Performs fundamental research, feasibility, engineering design or development of tests.  Performs independently on projects having the characteristics described above.  Attends meetings and conferences that relate to assigned area of responsibility and assists in the isolation and resolution of controversial and novel issues regarding items being developed and tested.  Informs Government personnel about matters covered during meetings and information provided and received.  Assists in scheduling tests and coordinating support requirements with test scheduling office and supporting organizational elements.  Observes or participates in the execution of assigned tests as required.  Monitors performance of the test item and adequacy of data collection, and facilitates range, test course and laboratory safety.  Coordinates with others to assure all safety, security, environmental and community concerns are adequately addressed.  Reviews the data collected for completeness, accuracy and validity.  Analyzes test data in terms of serviceability, cost conditions where the item will be developed, etc., and prepares final test report outlining problem areas revealed during the test and making recommendations and conclusions as to the suitability of the materiel being tested.  Due to the uniqueness and complexity of materiel being tested, the incumbent is required to prepare intricate, detailed and interpretative analysis of test results.  More specific requirements for Network and Software positions follow.