Food Defense – Agrosecurity – Veterinary Public Health

DSI provides strategic and technical level consulting and educational services for various U.S. Government agencies and local and state governments. Our network of dedicated professionals gives DSI the expertise to solve the complex issues of agrosecurity, bioterrorism, and the threat of pandemic influenza.


  • Food Safety and Agro-security
  • Foreign Animal Disease Outbreaks, such as Avian Influenza or FMD
  • Curriculum Development, Education and Training
  • Exercise Development, Evaluation and Facilitation
  • Public Health and Preventive Medicine


  • Biodetection Expertise
  • WMD Education and Solutions
  • Curriculum Development, Education and Training
  • Bioterrorism, Epidemics, Epidemiology
  • Counterproliferation Analysis

Pandemic Influenza:

  • Crisis Planning and Rapid Response
  • Policy, Plans, or Procedural Research and Development
  • Exercise Development and Facilitation