DSI Position – Radar Analyst – THAAD & ANTPY-2 (Mid-level Engineer)


DSI Position – Radar Analyst – THAAD & ANTPY-2 (Mid-Level) Engineer


The Radar Analyst – THAAD & ANTPY-2 will support of planning, execution, analysis, reporting, system evaluation, and field support for the Test and Continuous Evaluation (CE) of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) at the system level to include strategic, regional, and theater missions with the capability to draw from the element teams.  The services will include document preparation, editing, coordinating inputs within the BMDS Operational Test Agency (OTA) Team.  Other duties include:

    • Individual will serve as a Radar Analyst for the THAAD ATEC System Team (AST). Responsible for performing the independent, operational planning, testing, evaluation, and reporting structured around THAAD milestone decisions delivering capability to the Warfighter at the completion of adequate developmental and operational testing.

    • Individual will assist and document Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) engineering assessments for tests and evaluations. Individual will support the assessment planning of RAM and Logistics issues. This includes reviewing RAM documentation, including test incident reports and Failure Definition and Scoring Criteria, and other pertinent documentation.

    • Individual will review Logistics program documentation, including Supportability Strategy, program logistics concepts and plans and actively participate in applicable RAM Working groups. Individual will observe testing of the THAAD element in multiple venues, gather data in the areas of RAM and Logistics, and support the THAAD AST analysis and assessment of RAM and Logistics issues. The suitability assessment support will consist of integrated planning, technical system analysis, integrated reporting, and participation in technical meetings and program reviews.

    • Individual will perform and document early engineering evaluations of system development contractor RAM practices per the ASA(ALT) reliability memorandum using as a minimum the AMSAA reliability program scorecard.

    • Planning will include the development, coordination, and publishing of the THAAD Operational Assessment Plan (OAP), THAAD Modeling and Simulation Accreditation Plan (MSAP), THAAD Data Management and Analysis Plan (DMAP), and Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) Chapter of the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA’s) Integrated Master Test Plan (IMTP). Planning will also include the development, coordination, and implementation of operational scenarios using Design of Experiments principles to evaluate THAAD performance in flight tests, ground tests, and M&S venues.

    • Testing will consist of developing a Test Event Plan, deploying to test sites, collecting data, and preparing Quick-Look Briefings, After-Action Reports, and Test Incident Reports.

    • Evaluation will consist of analyzing data from flight tests, ground tests, and M&S venues and answering the THAAD Critical Operational Issues and Criteria (COICs), Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) and Measures of Performance (MOPs) documented in the THAAD OAP. The analysis results are used to evaluate THAAD performance supporting milestone decisions. The THAAD evaluation for each milestone decision is documented in the THAAD Evaluation Database, THAAD Operational Test Agency (OTA) Milestone Assessment Report (OMAR), and associated briefings. Evaluation also consists of analyzing M&S performance against established M&S performance parameters and acceptability criteria documented in the THAAD MSAP using verification and validation (V&V) reports provided by the M&S developer. Based on this analysis, THAAD M&S accreditation recommendations are documented in the THAAD M&S Accreditation Report (MSAR) and supporting briefings.

    • Reporting is the formal documentation, coordination, publishing, and approval of the THAAD OMAR, THAAD Evaluation Database, THAAD MSAR, and supporting briefings. These products are coordinated with the entire THAAD ATEC System Team (AST).

    • Individual should have experience using analytical tools/databases such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, MATLAB, Statistical Analysis System (SAS) routines, SAS JMP or similar tools.

Other Duties May Include

    • May serve as a working leader responsible for leading and providing technical advice and direction to lower graded personnel.

    • Duties may include, but are not limited to, monitoring work; ensuring product quality, accuracy, and timeliness; consolidating reports for COR regarding status updates and billing; and reviewing collected data for completeness, accuracy, and validity.

    • Coordinates with others to assure all safety, security, environmental, and community concerns are adequately addressed.

    • Independently performs technical and analytical work which requires the ability to learn and apply new and established methods, procedures and techniques.

    • Assists in planning, coordinating, arranging, managing and conducting of test events, data collection and evaluation efforts.

    • Completed work is reviewed for soundness of analysis, the suitability of methods used, and for conformance with organizational analytical procedures and practices.

    • Programs and issues may present problems not susceptible to resolution by accepted methods and/or may require application of new developments and theories.

    • Serves as a Subject Matter Expert on all aspects of the assigned program areas.

    • Compiles new information, considers data from a variety of sources, and follows standard approaches, methods, and procedures to plan and carry out assignments.

    • Reviews, conducts and evaluates sampling, surveys, inventories, data and findings.

    • Monitors operations to identify and rectify problems.

    • Evaluates adequacy of controls and corrective measures and identifies and make recommendations on determinations of alternate measures.

    • Prepares, coordinates and/or reviews the preparation of plans, forms, reports, schedules and milestones.

    • Assist in the organization, scheduling and administration support of meetings.

    • Proposes agenda topics, tracks resulting action items, coordinates development of presentations, and ensures complete coordination.

    • Monitors issues pertaining to project compliance, schedule and corrective actions.

    • Assists in developing and conducting various training.

    • Conducts collection, analysis, integration, categorization, and summarization of technical and funding data on programs.

    • Using analysis will develop briefings, information papers, and reports that explain and support routine program initiatives, solutions and investments.

    • Evaluates, selects, adapts and modifies standard techniques and criteria.

    • Monitors budgets, safety requirements and ensures quality is met.

    • May be required to serve as a Combatant Command Liaison Representative in the United States or abroad.

    • Liaison duties would include, but not be limited to: providing direct planning, coordination, Information Assurance, Interoperability, and Mission Assurance assessment and exercise support onsite.

Required Experience


  • 10 or more years’ experience.

    • Experienced in both R&D production and/or deployment phases of the acquisition process.

    • Must possess sufficient familiarity with modern qualitative and quantitative analysis tools to apply to the solution of problems and to provide guidance to subordinates on the selection and use of such tools.

    • Discipline may be required to utilize advanced knowledge of modeling and measuring techniques, mathematics, statistical methods, engineering methods, operational mathematics techniques, and other principles of scientific and economic disciplines in determining solutions.

    • Must possess managerial or supervisory experience sufficient to ensure positive direction of subordinates.

    • Must be familiar with systems integration techniques, system trade-off analysis, and/or program planning.



BS or MS degree in Operations Research, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science or closely related technical discipline.

Work Location

Huntsville, AL –  United States

Special Requirements

    • Must be U.S. Citizen

    • Security Clearance