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BMDS Threat Analyst



DSI Position BMDS Threat Analyst

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The BMDS Threat Analyst should be a Technical Engineer capable of looking at all missile threats, including MRBM, IRBM, SRBM, at the Strategic and Theater levels to determine how these threats will work against the BMDS system. Specifically, the analyst will ID threat missiles of greatest concern and understand threat missile systems technically. Then the analyst will assist in developing ways to test the BMDS systems against the threat missile. Excellent written and oral communication skills are required.


Specific Required Knowledge:

•     Ballistic Missile Defense System

•     Targets (MRBM, IRBM, SRBM)

•     Threat Kinematics

•     Threat Payload Dynamics

•     Radio Frequency (RF) Signatures

–  X-Patch


–  Pioneer Tool

•     Optical Hard Body Signatures

–  Optical Signature Code (OSC)

•     Optical Plume Signatures

•     As-Run Threat Specific Methods


BMDS Threat Analyst is required to have working knowledge and/or previous relationship with one or all of these agencies:

•     NASIC – National Air & Space Intelligence Center

•     MSIC – Missile and Space Intelligence Center

•     NGA – National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

•     NGIC – National Ground Intelligence Center


B.S. in Engineering, Mathematics, or Physical Sciences; M.S. Degree desired.

Experience Required

  • 8 to 10 years related experience in BMD Regional/Theater System Analysis required.
  • Must be Proficient with the following software tools:

    • X-Patch (Xpatch)

    • FISC (Fast Illinois Solver Code)

    • Pioneer Tool

    • Optical Signature Code (OSC)


Huntsville, AL United States


Must be a U.S. citizen and have a Security Clearance.