Dr. Davis Elected to ASMDA Board

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (January 21, 2016) – Davis Strategic Innovations was honored to have Dr. Jim Davis selected as a Board Member of the Army Space and Missile Defense Association at ASMDA’s 2016 Annual Membership and Award Luncheon held at Von Braun Center’s North Hall.The audience of over 306 included many dignitaries including US Representative Mo Brooks and other senior level public servants, multiple General Officers and government Senior Executive Service members from Redstone Arsenal.

Mr. Al Kemmet, 2015 ASMDA President, stated that as ASMDA completes its 21th year, “we can be very proud of the role that ASMDA plays in advancing a common understanding of the vital importance of space and missile defense systems to our national defense.  He explained, “the Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association was formed in 1995, right here in Huntsville, as a non-profit, non-political educational and scientific organization with the mission to promote the security of our Nation by providing programs and support for activities that contribute to advancing the vital importance of air, space, and missile defense systems.”  He also mentioned, “our objective is to foster communications and relationships between government activities with responsibilities for, or interests in air, space, and missile defense; local government organizations; and local industries.”

“It’s truly an honor,” Dr. Davis noted, “to help promote the defense of our Nation through strong space and missile defense programs. Through a common understanding of the importance of space and missile defense systems to our national defense, we can encourage our nation and its citizens to place space and missile defense in the forefront of our advocacy efforts, fiscal budgets and technological efforts. The ASMDA’s charter allows us to come together to do just that.”